Wednesday, September 7, 2011


It was 8-30 pm on Friday 12 September 2011 when two of my daughters came back from their planned trip to OUG looking distraughted and alarmed.. Papa, we cannot find our Alza at the car park area! I think someone has stolen our car!!

Not feeling well for the past few days, I put on my sneakers and got onto my Toyota that was safely parked at my car park bay within Anjung Hijau and drove around the car park areas outside surrounding AH, hoping that my daughters may have forgotten where they have parked the Alza. After 5 minutes, my heart sank. It's now confirmed!

Perodua Alza 1.5SE (White)
Reg No. WTR 9338
Born: April 2010
Departed: 8-45 pm, 2 Sept 2011.
Age - 17 months old

The police report follows. Then the Heartache begins when you were told of what your insurance normally pays - estimated about 80% of the insured value. Insurance amount covered basic model only therefore did not cover special items installed like leather seats etc. Total loss - Over RM20K.

Now, the inconvenience sets in. Have to compile submission for insurance claim. No spare car to pick up the children from school. Need to look and shop for another car.

Now the anger starts. How did it happen? Why did it happen to me? Who/What caused this mishap to me and my family? It all pieced together when I read this blog; starting with the high handed manner in which the the MC has treated me and my family to the unilateral rejection of my application for season car park by the arrogant characters within the MC forcing me to park outside the compound of Anjung Hijau Apartments. This has resulted in my car being stolen and caused losses exceeding RM20K to be suffered by me.

So, for those who are parked outside, BEWARE! Your car is not safe there. If you are suffering the same fate as I am, please join us in our crusade to remove the belligerent and arrogant characters from our MC so that these characters do not disturb our peace anymore.

Join us to make Anjung Hijau a more congenial place to stay. We'd love to hear from you.Leave your name and contact no. to us.


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