Friday, August 26, 2011


Due to the negligence and belligerent attitude of some council members of Anjung Hijau Management Corporation (AHMC), it has now been decided by the High Court and upheld by the Court of Appeals on 24 August 2011 that AHMC will have to pay costs to Mr. Lai King Lung for their unlawful trespass into the property of Mr. Lai. A copy of the Fair Order as filed and endorsed is enclosed herein.

Please be informed that there will be further costs to be taxed by the Court on AHMC to pay to Mr. Lai for having lost their appeal in the Court of Appeals, not taking into account the legal fees and other costs to the MC's lawyers who were appointed by the MC in attendance to the hearing. This is expected to run to tens of thousands of Ringgit and all these could have been avoided if our ARROGANT MC were to listen to the voice of the residents!

It is time that this bunch of irresponsible and naive members of the MC be taken to task on the following:blunders made by them -

  1. Who gave this Foo Yau Lim the right to act beyond his legal authority by instructing his agent/ the contractor to trespass onto Mr. Lai's Apartment  and remove his air conditioner unit despite being served with legal letters prior to his action!?
  2. Why were the residents of Anjung Hijau NOT CONSULTED before the members of the MC embark on this EGO trip of going to court to litigate against Mr. Lai with a poor chance of winning the case? There was no transparency nor reference to the residents as to the legal costs involved in the litigation?
  3. Why did the members of the MC not come clean as to the facts and figures of the actual judgement that the MC has to pay which already EXCEEDED RM 400K based on the last judgement but the MC members continue to HOODWINK all AH residents by implying in their posts on the Notice Board that they have won the case against Mr. Lai by posting half or hidden truths as to the actual rulings of the case?
  4. There is another court action taken by a Dato' Han of Block B that questioned the legal standing of the current members of AHMC in legitimately holding office. This matter is scheduled to be heard in the High Court on 15 September 2011. Why is the MC keeping quiet and hiding the facts of this court action by Dato Han from AH residents? This impending court case will have far reaching implications on the MC and all decisions taken by this "illegal MC" if held to be so by the High Court. BUT our MC is so hush hush about this. I bet very few residents of Anjung Hijau is even aware of this court action!!
All of the above stinks of a big ugly RAT that the MC is covering up. Do you still want an MC that is not transparent in its dealings and non consultative and refused to interact with the residents? If you do, then good luck to you. You are not worth the bother. BUT if you think that this should change, join us in our quest to ensure that AH Apts is better managed in all its affairs and operations. Please come to the next AGM and cast your vote to competent people with sincere responsibility and integrity to be elected into the council to manage your home.

Be relevant!. You can start by posting your comments in this blog or our forum at

We need more fair minded people to be involved to make our Apartments a better place to live in.

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