Friday, August 12, 2011

It's time to wake up!

Well, after a long lull in hibernation, it's time to reactivate our blog again.

You may already know that there have been a string of legal suits filed at the courts against the council members and/or the Management Corporation (MC) and also a spate of apartment break-ins in Block A of late.

What has become of our living environment at Anjung Hijau Apts? Where neighbors have to go after each others' throats in court over disputes that could have otherwise been settled amicably if the MC could have been more considerate and reasonable in dealing with residents and issues. Who would want to spend time and money going to court if not for being victimized and made aggrieved about the way things are being run by our MC.

Yes, I am talking about the people behind the MC that had caused much grievances,  discord and dissatisfaction by many residents against them at Anjung Hijau Apts. The MC has used underhanded tactics in curtailing the dissemination of information by their control of the Notice Boards and have twisted facts and spread half-truths therein. One of them is on what was actually decided by the High Court in the disposal of the legal suit brought about by a Mr. Chris Lai King Lung against the MC.

I have taken liberty to attach herewith copies of the Court Order and the approval draft order of the bill of cost that order the MC to pay costs amounting to RM391,268 and allocator's fee of RM32,006 to Mr. Chris Lai. This did not include the legal fees to the lawyers appointed to defend the suit in the High Court and the MC's appeal now to the Courts of Appeal. It is my worry that all these legal cases, when added up, will cause us, the residents of Anjung Hijau, to be liable to pay huge sums of money to cover the legal costs and compensation.

And all the above information was never brought to the residents vide the Notice Boards, circulars and not even a meeting was called to brief the residents of the court cases and the implication that they may bring to the residents.

This goes to show how our MC operates; a 'non-inclusive' organization that acts as if they own the MC as a Sendirian Berhad company and that they can do as they please without alerting or answering to the residents (who are stakeholders here).

Some of the more vocal residents have formed a forum to share opinions and if you care about what goes on at our Anjung Hijau Apartments and wish to have a say on how things are run, please join our focus group by clicking this link..

We would definitely like to hear from you in this blog or in the Forum.

the shadow


  1. Wow... RM391,268.50 + RM32,006.00 ... that's a lot of money for just 1 court suit. Besides, the MC has already made use of our Anjung Hijau fund to pay their defending lawyers. Arbain & Co, their 3rd lawyer has written to me that they have already got RM10,000.00 from the MC. I am sure they have already paid some or the same amount to their 1st and 2nd defending lawyers...and all these come from our residents' MC fund. Besides, their appeal would also require them to pay huge sum to the court. I am dead sure that they are making use of the residents' MC fund without even consulting the residents.
    And then, they have another 2 suits which would require them to pay even more to their lawyers ... without letting the residents know. From what I know, the 3rd suit has an all encompassing decision ... if all goes well, will declare the present MC unconstitutional and illegal. They will then have to pay back everything that they had spent from the date of the last AGM which was held in Oct 2010.

    How can we professionals, allow such a bunch of power-crazy, power-welding, high and mighty, irresponsible and tyranical people to govern us. Surely we do not need them anymore. We have to decide to do away with them once and for all. We can do it now either through the court legally or through any EGM or AGM decided by the courts.

    Frankly speaking...I have had enough of all these unprofessional and cunning people to rule in the MC.

  2. The so-called AHMC has appealed against the court directed payment for damages of RM391K to Chris. This will be heard tomorrow 24th August 2011. We should know the results after lunch tomorrow. It would be interesting to see how much they have to pay Chris and where do they get the money from. If they fork out the money by themselves, then it ok...but if they take from the MC's fund then we the residents have every right to fight against that...because they have committed the wrong doing by their own stupidity...being ignorant of the provisions under the Strata Title Act 1985. Come on folks...let's hear something from you!

  3. The High Court today (24th Aug 2011) has dismissed the so-called AHMC's appeal with cost in favour of Chris. They have to pay the sum of RM391K to Chris and and allocator fee of RM32K. Please inform everybody so that they will know whom to vote out in the next AHMC council members.

    The 3rd court suit against them will be mentioned on the 15 September 2011. I shall fill you with the latest news when the time comes. Cheers!