Monday, November 29, 2010

The MC has no balls and ethics

Fellow residents,

The MC has the audacity to post an Open Letter to defame me and my daughters but no balls to allow my open reply to stay posted on the Notice Boards.

Yesterday at about 4-30 pm, I pasted my reply to the MC's Open Letter on the same Notice Boards that they posted albeit outside the boards and by 8 pm I checked, my open reply was torn down / removed from the said Notice Boards.

Today, we repeated the pasting at about 6-30pm and again by 8 pm the 'ball-less' MC tore down my open reply.

So, they do not even have the balls and ethics to allow my open reply to be posted.

This is the sort of high handed tactics that this MC is capable of.

I rest my case!


  1. What is the reply letter you have posted?

  2. hi tak song,

    Pl read further down my blog,"The reply to the attack by an Open Letter from the MC to Liew Yeon Keong" wherein I have posted my open reply to the MC.

    Everytime I pasted the open letter the MC got the security guards to tear them down from the Notice Boards. I even video taped them tearing the reply down and may want to post the video on Youtube. Looks like I may need to distribute flyers again to prevent this arrogant MC from monopolizing and controlling the channel of communication here. Aiyah... sweaty work again!

  3. Hi Mr liew.

    I received your letter from my letter box pertaining to your complain on the managment. As a owner of greenfied & lawyer, I will give my 110% support to you to sue the management fro teh sake of residents provided you can provide me the proof of misconduct & mismanagement from the managment office.

    For your infor, i am suing the managment for their babarian act of wrongfully removing my aircon compressor & tresspassed to my property. The managment & the concils members deserves to be lectured & pay for their wrongful act.

    Your may contact me at 0129231668 for further discussions & provide me with your alleged proof of misconduct by the managment. I will make sure they pay the price for their misconduct.

    Christopher Lai

  4. Hi Mr Lai, this is exactly what I meant when I argued against them during the previous AGM's. It was, and still is I am afraid, the extremely lack of tact, diplomacy and negotiation on the part of the so-called MC. Well, go ahead to sue them Mr Lai. We have to teach them a may prove to be an expensive lesson for them. For your info, several people such as Mr Liew and Dato' Han are already taking legal actions against them...esp the legality of the last (the 3rd) AGM and the so-called election of the MC members, the legality of application of House Rules without approval by the previous AGM and without giving the required 14 days' notice prior to the AGM and without lodging their "approved resolutions" in the House Rules with the COB within the required 30 days after the passing of the resolutions. Besides, the accounts for the use of sinking fund and the painting works are also subject to query. It is this sort of slipshort and unprofessional work that we are questioning besides their lack of tact and the human elements in dealing with the affairs of the residents. Anyway, please continue to give feedback and we are calling for another meeting sometime this week. Please keep in touch my mobile no. is: 017-6393075. Please call me for details of the coming meeting. Cheers!

  5. A new facebook account was recently set up for Anjung Hijau residents.

    You can use this avenue to network with others for exchange of ideas and information between residents of Anjung Hijau Condominiun, the council members and other organisations and to promote a peaceful environment of the Anjung Hijau communinity.
    log in at

    In addition an Anjung Hijau Forum was also set up for the similar purpose.
    You may sign up as a member of the forum at

    Thank you.

  6. There is one matter that is overlooked.when mc called for agm if no quorum then meeting automatically postponed to next week same time and place.
    There is an opinion which stated that for a resolution to be carried is not simple majority but 2/3 present must vote in favour.this trick is used by all mc to spend get legal opinion and get rid of the present mc which spend money by giving inflated contracts.