Tuesday, November 23, 2010

HI Folks, I'm Back

Wow! I'm back this morning after a short holiday and found myself and 2 daughters famous and pinned all over the Notice Boards of Anjung Hijau. I must thank the MC of PPAH (in particular to Madam Lena Tee Lai Ping) for publishing my names and even that of my daughters and defamatory statements on the Notice Board.  In case you do not already know this woman, she stays at Apt No. C-04-01 and she is the one that calls the shots at the MC. She succeeded me as the Chair person of the Residents Association of Anjung Hijau during those days when some of us residents had a few bones to pick with the developer, Berjaya, That will be another story for another time.

Folks, the attempt by this so 'Over Righteous' MC in trying to humiliate me and my family exactly proved my point! This Management Council; (and mind you, only 7 of them out of we residents and owners of a total of 651 apartment units) is so intolerant of dissent or disagreement with them, with such sheer ARROGANCE and unforgiving to those who have the guts to take them on that they act worse than the Barisan government. Even the developer, Berjaya, gave the residents greater respect than this MC. This MC controls the ONLY media of communication to all AH residents (via the Notice Board) and I have no 'guts' but to disseminate my views via the distribution and blog. (Well I did use an acronym in my phamplets and blog as the Shadow but hey, everyone does that! They can already guess who I am because I did mention a parking incident my daughter has with that rude Candy character). The attitude and conduct of this MC is so amateurish with total disregard to procedures of the STA. In fact, I am questioning the legitimacy of the so called 'election' of this MC because there was no ELECTION conducted during the last EGM. I will deal with these other matters later.

Who says that it is illegal for a resident to distribute phamplets? What about the phamplets that we receive from OUTSIDERS soliciting for air cond services, catering etc.. all the time in our mail boxes? Next, where is it stated in the Strata Titles Act (or even the illegitimate House Rules that the MC distributed without proper debate and approval of residents in a special resolution) that I cannot distribute the phamplets, so long as it is not religious or political activities, or for soliciting the sale of goods or services. The contents of my phamplets are none of the above nature. 'Caught my 2 daughters the act'??!! In what criminal act that their full names have to be published on the Notice Boards? This MC is living in the past!

Even the Govt has permitted the voice of the Rakyat to be heard in the alternative media and has asked to be more tolerant! But nay! Our MC is regressing into dictatorship and being vindictive as well, they are now out to get me and my family! I'm so afraid for my life!!!
I will gladly distribute the leaflets again, and if you support me, we can do it together on a nice day. Any takers?

Most of us are aware that there are many residents who happen to be the majority staying here have yet to be registered as the proprietors on their strata titles for one reason or another (sometimes because of the high stamp duties) and from what I gathered, more that 60% have yet to register their titles. But as residents and beneficial owners of the properties in Anjung Hijau, who are paying our service charges and sinking fund contributions, don't we have a right to question the decisions of this MC to ensure prudent management and operations of the common areas here. We have every legal right to do so since we are paymasters, just that we cannot vote in the AGM or EGM yet.We are NOT Pariahs and this MC cannot treat the majority of residents such as I with such disrespect!! I will also NOT be so forgiving and tolerant with this MC

So fellow beloved neighbors and RAKYAT of Anjung Hijau, let's do our part. Let's contribute all our views to this blog and I promise not to delete any comments as long as they are not vulgar or profane. Let us all call for an EGM and take this MC on!

We can start with a forum where we can exercise more tolerance with our fellow neighbors instead of being dogmatic like this MC.

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The Shadow MC of Anjung Hijau Apartments


  1. Dear Mr Liew,
    The issues that comes to mind are :-
    a. Transparency - whether methods to gain control ought to be transparent, or does the ends justify the means?
    b. Power - whether the MC is properly mandated or authorised to be in power, and if so, whether the AGM to "elect" them is properly constituted?
    c. Constitution - quite unfortunate that the STA does not provide a sample Constitution for the MC to adopt and follow, unlike the RoS sample for most societies.

    Perhaps, it would be prudent to set up a RA to sort out these issues with the MC, whereby the residents have a voice so speak out these issues, although they are not entitled to vote at the AGM due to non-registration of their proprietorship of the units.

    Finally, I wish you all the best in educating and instilling into the MC best practices so that your abode is a peaceful place to live in, and not like the Gaza strip.

  2. Thank you moonlight shadow for your views. We certainly would like to see a more inclusive MC than the present one that bars others from joining them. That happened to 2 registered owners who were nominated in the AGM but at the eleventh hour before the first Council meeting; were rejected from joining the MC. Reasons were that they have breached the House Rules and were disqualified! None of this was in the Strata Titles Act and were high handed tactics by those who walk the corridor of power!

  3. Hi Moonlight Shadow,thank you for your very positive comment...a view which all of us agree and would like to implement. Your Shadow really moves in the dark with moonlight only and I think that's good because we have all the "suns" out in the open and now we have the other half to complement our fight for justice. Please give me your email address and mobile no. so that we can contact you and have a chat. Thank you.

  4. Hi Guys,
    Let's keep this blog alive as we have many more things to share on recent happenings.