Wednesday, November 24, 2010

A little bit of history

Some of the older and longer folks at AH may know me and this story but I bet the majority do not know!

My family and I were one of the earliest residents of AH who moved here in Jan 1999. At that time, the developer, Berjaya runs the show and there were a hosts of problems with the security, a defective intercom system and plenty of construction defects. The main problem then was the huge number of house break ins and stolen cars like 2 cars a week got stolen from our car parks.

At some time in 2001, I took upon myself the initiative and sent out fliers to all the units in AH similar to what I did recently huh.. (at that time Block D was under construction) to call for a residents meeting and many residents (about 100) responded to the call. After the first meeting, and together with a few other residents, we set up a protem Residents Association to deal with the many problems we have with Berjaya. We even arranged our own vigilante patrols to do security rounds during the nights until mornings. The first protem meeting was conducted in December 2001 and we registered our RA a few months later and on 28 November 2002, we held our first AGM of the RA and I was nominated and elected the Chairman of the RA for the term from 28 November 2002 to June 2004.

And here is the bomber!

Madam Lena Tee Lai Ping was the then elected Vice Chairman of the RA for that period and I must say that she has been a very responsible vice chair person then. She attended all the committee meetings and seemed to be the perfect sensitive and responsible person to take over the Chair. As such, I relinquished and passed the reins of the RA chair to Madam Tee on 23 June 2004 and she would then call me occasionally for advice until the Management Corporation was formed. I have always allowed time to speak and provided guidance to her whenever she called me on issues in the running of the RA then. This is like the Dr. M and his successor's story! Ha..ha..ha..

During the first year of the MC, Madam Tee was elected into the management council and even before engaging Mr. B as the then building manager, Mdm Tee used to seek advice from me on various issues until a point in time when she got into a feud with the then chairman NCH (full name left out as respect for this gentleman) and Mr. B.

She even consulted me on how to remove NCH from the council with various allegations of improprieties against this gentleman as well as Mr. B. Subsequently, I found out that NCH resigned from the council and Mr. B was suddenly asked to leave his job as property manager. The reason for that I do not wish to delve on as it is purely speculative.

I do not know what happened after that as I have kept away from the running of the MC. Once, I was invited to attend the AGM when NCH chaired the meeting that I found to be done more professionally with full interaction and engagement with all residents. I am sure those who attended the AGM will agree with me. There were no hostilities towards residents and everyone were quite happy with a lot of give and take. As you all may be aware, I was also asked to sit in on the first meeting on the repainting exercise which I obliged but only for that 1initial meeting and thereafter, I was not invited for the tender exercise for whatever reasons best known to the council members.

I do not know why the MC has taken such a vicious turn from being engaging to being hostile to the residents of AH and under whose influence! This has totally baffled me but then again as the saying goes," Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely!"

Your comments welcome.

From the Shadow MC of Anjung Hijau Apts


  1. It is atypical of a human being. When there is a common enemy, then everyone will jump on the bandwagon to protect their self-interests.
    Remember the time when we were on the RA, and during one of the AGM, a resident complained to everyone there that I did not "service" him as he expected me to. If you recall, the resident said that I did not attend to his complaint that the tiles on the corridor were broken, and that I should have attended to his complaint. Quite funny now, in hindsight, that the resident does not know the role and responsibility of the RA.
    Perhaps the MC now is taking the stance that you are encroaching into their role and responsibility. Egoistical people do NOT like to be told that what they are doing is wrong, since their pride says that they are always right.
    Anyway, I must take my hat off to you (although I don't wear one) for taking this on eversince from the start. It's a thankless task, as I am sure you are aware. However, I personally feel that this blog is too hidden to reach out to more residents. Marketing is still your forte. Market this blog well, and I am sure you will be able to get more residents to speak up, and thus, the MC has got no choice but to listen. At this moment, you are just a lone voice.

  2. Yeah moonlight shadow,

    I am no longer the lone voice as there are already a few who have voiced their readiness to participate in a forum to improve things at AH. This will form the core of the 'reformasi' of the MC of PPAH, I hope. I will be happy to provide whatever support to ensure that we achieve that goal.