Monday, November 8, 2010

Your sinking fund accounts is really sinking-man!

You may be very impressed with the nice make over of our Greenfields Apartments lately with a new spanking paint. Aha.. but ponder a bit here. Do you know how long the contractors have started the painting works? Since March 2010, more than 7 months ago and up to today, the works are not yet completed. All painting works were scheduled to be completed by 31 August 2010 for all blocks and we were told in the 3rd AGM by the Chairman of the AGM, Mr. Foo that he has received a letter from the contractor that the contractor will pay liquidated and ascertained damages (LAD) of RM500 for every day of delay in the completion of the works. However, this has failed to appear in the minutes of the AGM for reasons best known to the council secretary. Please refer to the copy of the minutes of meeting on the Notice Board. 

Do you know that the painting works cost about RM576,000 and we were told that there was no formal contract of works signed except for a letter of award to the contractor? We were made to understand that the letter of award was not even prepared by a professional lawyer or a QS but by a member of the council. We now wonder whether the rights of the MC is protected and should there be negligence, then the members of the council will have to be liable.

Are you aware that all our balance money in the Sinking Fund as at 30 June 2010 has been earmarked to be paid to the painting contractor as the surplus amount of RM180K+ will not be enough to pay the balance contract sum of RM400K + after the works are completed even though they have negotiated to pay the sum over 6 monthly installments. How in the world can this MC council members commit our finances to a future debt beyond their term of office in October 2010; we wonder!   

Moreover, there was expenditure of over RM100K for water filters and water tank linings done. How come none of this appeared in the discussions and special resolutions to be passed in the AGM as required under Section 46 of the Strata Titles Act?

Please share your thoughts.


  1. 是为了自己的利益还是为了大家?
    我不懂什么strata title act,但我很珍惜现在拥有的



  2. Hi, thanks for the comment.
    Please stay tuned for more blog posts to come to know more about our MC. We do love our home, but once we know that our home is not "safe" anymore, should we not defend it? The reason we publish this blog is to give everyone a chance to voice out rather than just keeping our balcony grilles. Do you want to be controlled by the Rules that they set without our full support? Or do you want a Rule that is being acknowledged and agreed by the majority of the residents? So are we trying to 对我们的家园制造破坏吗?我们有伤害到大家吗?而我们针对的是大众吗?(sorry my Chinese is not that good). 我们都是要大家都满意这里的management 而不是带来破坏。=)

    那请问,您知道MC他们有多少呢? Please stay tuned for more.

  3. Hi,
    Yes, the sinking fund needs to be monitored. Mr Liew will be the best person to do it as he is a developer himself. We must see to it that our sinking fund is not made use of to pay for silly mistakes made by the so-called MC.

  4. Zian

    Your arguments are flawed ! Tell me which apartment in KL didn't have an increase in price this year ? Even those apartment with poor management saw a drastic price increase this year.

    The current management practise double standards, there are some people who break the rule but they didn't take strict action against them.

    My neighbour blast their noise loud everyday and they make a lot of illogical arguments to defend themselves. From my investigation of the whole block, only that unit blast their noise at such loud level. So if 99% of the units can maintain their noise level down, why not one overbearing neighbour ?

    Furthermore, there are other points raised by Mr Liew which is valid. It is not all about his grills which doesn't cause any annoyance to ANY of their neighbours but loud noise level do cause annoyance.