Sunday, November 28, 2010

The reply to the attack by an Open Letter from the MC to Liew Yeon Keong

I have sent and also pasted my reply to the MC which is duly signed by yours truly, Liew Yeon Keong so unlike THE OPEN LETTER OF ATTACK FROM THE MC WHICH IS INCOGNITO WITH NO SIGNATURE.

It seems that none of  council member is brave enough or like they put it, have the guts to reveal who drafted and posted the Open Letter to defame and insult me and my family.

The contents of my reply (that I am sure will be removed instantly from the Notice Boards) are reproduced below: -

28 November 2010

Foo Yau Lim, Ho Yee Phing,
Nuraizah Binti Shamsul Baharin,
Ching Miew Yoke, Tee Lai Ping,
Chan Ah Ho And Law Hun Wei
The individual and respective council members of
Perbadanan Pengurusan Anjung Hijau
A-0-6, Anjung Hijau
No. 8, Jalan 1/155B, Bukit Jalil
57000 Kuala Lumpur.

Dear members of the council,
Re:       Open Letter on the Notice Board defaming me and my daughters
This refers to your Open Letter backdated to “22-11-2010” posted on the Notice Board that was only hand delivered to my Mail Box today on 28 November 2010. I wonder what sinister motive you have to backdate the said letter to 22-11-2010 and to personally attack me and my daughters over the distribution of pamphlets by posting a letter addressed to me on the Notice Board. This is clearly an attempt to put up a show and play to the gallery that you are now offering me an avenue to discuss an amicable solution.
Please get your facts right! Where and how is it stipulated under the law or rules that the distribution of the pamphlets by a resident in Anjung Hijau Apartments is illegal and immoral as stated under item 4 of your Notice and that your Head of Security Personnel had caught my daughters red handed for inserting the pamphlets into the letter boxes of residents?  Your statement under item 4 implied that we have committed an illegal and immoral act, of which we categorically deny, and we demand that you substantiate the aforesaid statement with proof that it is a crime.

Your allegation in your Open Letter to me that I exploited my children to serve my heinous intentions is a serious allegation and is defamatory and libelous and I will instruct my lawyers to pursue this matter legally against each and every one of the council members. You are at liberty to proceed with appropriate action against me as I will continue to distribute pamphlets when I think appropriate and fit to do so against your dogmatic and dictatorial mind-set.
Your further allegation that I wanted to cover up my breach of the House Rules due to the iron grille enclosure of my balcony is clearly frivolous, vexatious and lack of logic. You have forgotten that you have issued me a Notice only on 4 November 2010 giving me until 15 December 2010 to remove the enclosure and this is still pending. Why are you creating an issue when the due date is NOT YET DUE??!! I have NOT even said that I will not remove the iron grilles even though they were installed 11 years ago when none of the members of the council has even moved into Anjung Hijau! So what is your fuss about this matter?? The dismantling of the enclosure is NOT the issue here!
WHEREAS the high handed and dogmatic manner in which you, as a member of the council, by openly attacking me and my family personally, HAS NOW CREATED A LEGAL CONTROVERSY and let me remind you that you cannot hide under the veil and guise of acting as the Management Corporation as I shall hold each and every one of you liable and accountable in your personal capacity for allowing the defamatory and libelous notices and open letter to be posted on the Notice Board.
Lastly, your invitation for a discussion is completely insincere and full of hypocrisy otherwise you should have contacted me and sent the letter directly to me instead of posting the Open Letter for all residents to view. Since I have until 15 December 2010 to dismantle the enclosure of my balcony which I intend to do so, you therefore will not have any other excuse to divert attention to some of the issues that I have articulated in my blog and circulars to the residents.

Yours sincerely,

Liew Yeon Keong


  1. Hi Mr Liew,
    The architects say that only enclosed windows such as glass, fibre glass, alluminium and awnings are not allowed for apartments. Yours are window grills with nice designs so it should be alright and besides, permission has already being given for you to fix them way before the so-called MC came into being, just like Dato' Han's case. So what's the problem ... this plain short-sightedness on the part of the so-called MC. So I recommend that you do not dismantle your grills yet, pending a decision of the genuinely elected MC in the coming EGM. The residents have the overall say on this matter and looks like we have to put it to vote. So hang on first!

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  3. By the way... don't that grill acting as a safety measure?

    1. For a house who have children's
    2. Accidents happens.