Monday, November 8, 2010

What's next?

The Management Corporation (MC) of Anjung Hijau has recently sent out notices to all residents who applied for season parking informing them on their success or failure in the allotment of season car park for the next 6 months from 1 Nov 2010. Aiyah!! As expected, my application was rejected. Why? Because I have been challenging the MC on all sorts of rules and regulations that I was not happy about-lah like sending us fines for hanging of clothes, linens or mop at the balcony, having flower, planter pots and other items along the corridors removed etc! Also once, my daughter park car at wrong bay (her folly for not recognising the rented bay and parking at a bay next to it), her car was clamped and she have to pay RM50 to have the clamp removed even though she tried to explain and apologised for the genuine mistake made!

Are we no longer human and friendly towards each other as neighbours whom we see often and live within the Anjung Hijau community? Are we the ruling 'Government' that has become too arrogant to listen to the residents but has to clamp down on those who dissent? Is this arrogance the breed of power tasted and entrenched from being too long in office?

Is it too much for us to expect the MC to at least adopt a softer approach first like calling us up to warn us of any misdemeanor instead of straight away 'denda' or fined. After all, we are all supposed to be good neighbors mah? Is that too much to ask for? Apparently yes, says the Management Office. "We do not have the time to call everyone that flout the rules. As if Management has to call all 600+ apartments that are to be fined. Also, the usual crap of an answer is, "we are doing this voluntarily without pay, so don't expect us to be your servant!"

If that be the case, then employ someone to be paid to do a good job professionally rather then be scolded for doing a free but sloppy service, right?

Appreciate your thoughts!


  1. After Miss Choo left, she was replaced by a very unfriendly Chinese staff. Do we residents have to put up with their rudeness and we still have to pay their salaries ? The management has turned into a dictatorship controlled by a few closely-connected people with their supporters.

  2. LOL...well i do agree with you green. Total unfriendly. Why??? Last month i was supposed to receive some home appliances but I was denied entry because its after 5pm (I'm working in Kepong and I'm always back late). I did made calls to the management office to ask for permission (before the delivery took place on the next day) as i was living ALONE. I told them that it will take less than 20 minutes to bring everything up to my place. Final Reply: "NO!!! If you want to bring up your stuffs you'll have to pay a fine of RM300 then." I have no choice but to take a UNPAID LEAVE to get things done. But what really pisses me off is her ATTITUDE to the people staying here. Who is she to dictate what should be done or not!!! Rules are made by humans and can be change at any given time. This Chinese Lady should be replaced...I'm sure this is not a hard decision to make.

  3. Hi, we all have somethings in common here...and they are all valid. We need to address all these high-handed and arrogant attitudes of narrow-minded people. Please call a meeting...and I shall attend. My

  4. i totally agree. lets hold a meeting to discuss about all the issues we are facing and how to solve them.
    my email:

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  6. Talking about car park..look at the handicapped car parks which they rented out. They don't even open up the bidding/tender for the all the residents. I don't recall seeing any notice that they are opening out the handicap car park. How did they pick and who did they pick? Wonder why this resident is given special treatment? Why didn't they open out to all the residents to apply?

  7. The management has put up in the notice board today regarding this 'instigating dissent among residents' being distributed.

    Must the residents quietly pay their service fees promptly and shut our mouth even if we don't see fairness, transparency, true democracy and friendliness ?

  8. sorry I am not able to reply to the issues raised as I am unavailable until 24th of November. However, rest assured that I will address there issues then. Please don't stop spamming here because we need to know every issues that residents are facing now. Thank you for the comments and keep in touch on this blog.

  9. I suggest all of you publish your email address to contact each other. We will wait until the numbers are high enough before taking further action.

  10. guys and girls,

    we really need to do something about the rudeness and unpleasant living environment that this MC is shoving down our throats. It's high time that we garner a larger following to this blog, particularly, the registered owners who can have votes that counts if an EGM or AGM is called. Please talk to your neighbors and fellow residents to follow this blog so that we can discuss things transparently and we invite even dissenting voices unlike the present MC as we can vote for 'CHANGE'. The power of the Rakyat of Anjung Hijau shall be heard!!

  11. We must have maximum number of members in the MC provided in Act. This is to ensure that the MC won't abuse the power.

    Presently, the MC is run by a single lady. This make no sense. Power is easily abused.

    There should be more representation by owners to monitor the activities of MC.

    We don't want only the "Yes, Madam " in the MC.

    Thank you.

  12. Wong, I sympathize with you and clearly understood how you felt. That rude Chinese lady is really unbearable as not only is she rude but her body language is obnoxious as well.

    She rubs off the Iron Lady of Block C, I assume LOL. Ha..ha..

    Let's convince our neighbors to share their experience and comment on this blog though.

  13. Sky,

    I actually tried to nominate two other independent persons from Blocks B and C into the MC and at the time of the AGM they were accepted. However at the eleventh hour before the first meeting of the MC, they received letters respectively from the MC without the name of the person representing the MC that their nominations have been disqualified for reasons that they have breached the House Rules. However, there is no such provision in the Strata Titles Act that the MC can implement such restrictions and the persons affected is now taking up this matter at the Commissioner of Building DBKL and is awaiting a ruling. As you can see, the 'magnificent seven' currently in power of the MC is prohibiting others of joining the MC by amending the law without proper jurisprudence. We need to change the running of this MC via an EGM and I suppose to do so, the only way is to petition the COB to call for one. I am prepared to call for a meeting of all residents with grievance to unite and petition the COB for this.

    Any views?

  14. Guys,

    If you observe carefully, the rude chinese lady name is candy. She is now the de-facto unofficial manager. From the way she talks and behave, it is not difficult to determine that her upbringing and education is not high.

  15. The MC is now a "clone Berjaya Management". However, they are worst kind of Management than Berjaya.

    The iron lady used to welcome everybody to RA's meeting. Her infamous quote: "If you don't attend the RA meeting, its your loss".

    Now, she exercise completely on a different platform. She is obsessed with power and benefit. She enjoys to be the Governor and wants absolute control. She has forgotten where she came from. How pitiful?

  16. Hi, I am always in favour of getting a new set of MC, a neutral body where the Iron Lady and her gang (who are always easily influenced by her) stay out of the MC and the opposing faction also stays out. I have always sensed something is wrong with the present MC. How can we have a MC without a President and the other office bearers. Who is going to take responsibility then? I can see that the present MC is being manipulated by the Iron Lady. She must be left out from any future MC. This is my strong recommendation.

  17. I am amenable to banleeho's comments. Let's hope that we have sufficient support if it comes down the wire in an EGM that has to be voted on. Presently the voice of the alternative seems weak and as apathy seeps in, coming down to the votse that count, it may be disappointing. That is the reason this blog was set up to provide a platform for the residents to voice their grouses, to comment and give constructive suggestions. i intend to send out a circular again soon. I need someone from Block D to support. If you are out there, pl come forward. Pl send me an e mail. TQ.

  18. Hi, I must congratulate the "Shadow" for having taken this initiative to gather support for an EGM.It, being a Shadow, must move fast and gather momentum as it goes along. For far too long, AH has been under a "communistic" rule which is rude,not diplomatic and sort of satisfying its own ego. I can say that the whole election at the recent AGM has been manipulated esp. the proxy issue, to get their own kind in. Come on, rise up to the occasion to vote out the present MC.

  19. Hey, we need more comments from a greater diversity of residents so that we know what numbers we can muster support from. At present, we only have a handful of people commenting. For those passive readers out there, we are hopeful that you can come forward. It's okay to just make a whimper for us to know you are there.

    Like I said, we shall take the MC by their 'horns' and break their egoistical dictatorial rule by going to the Rakyat of AH!!

  20. I noticed a letter addressed to Mr. Liew was posted up on the notice board this morning, Nov 28, 2010. I suppose this is personal letter to Mr. Liew. However, the protem MC (MC was not formally elected during the AGM) posted up with the intention to defame Mr. Liew. The protem MC has committed the defamation of character against Mr. Liew.

    The conduct of the protem MC is childish and unprofessional.

    One of the reasons why the protem MC want to do everything to exclude opposing party from joining the MC is because the influential person in the protem MC has benefited from some deals after joining the MC.

    I believe that the way you do anything is the way you do everything. Hence, if you have benefited from one deal, you will try to gain from many other deals as well. This is what I afraid of and that is the reason I am against some members of the protem MC, as they choose to keep quiet even they know some "hanky panky"
    happened within the MC.

    Many of our residents are not aware of situation at AH. I do agree that there are no major issues to be confronted for the moment. However,we have to be on the guard. When major incidents occur, it might be devastating.

    Some members in the protem MC are naive and unsophisticated and easily manipulated. There is absolutely no contrary view in their team. No watch dogs. There is an inherent risk if nobody is able or willing to voice out a different opinion.

    I opine that we do not have to sack the whole team as they have not committed major error yet. We just have to put more members in to strike a balance and monitor the fair conduct of the MC and report irregularities.

    Thank you.

  21. Sky,

    It will not work as the present MC has excluded others from joining the council using high handed and illegal method by saying that those who breached House Rules are disqualified. Where is it stipulated under the law that they can impose new conditions as they like at their whims and fancies? Can we now state that those who held office as council members for more than 2 terms are no longer eligible to stand for election?

    AND THE MOTHER OF ALL BOMBS IS "There was no election held during the 3rd AGM!!!@ Just nominations and then closed and everyone nominated are members EXCEPT for the other 2 not in their clique who they later disqualified!

    Worst than our Malaysian politics!

  22. Guys,

    Even if an election was held during the 3rd AGM, the 'inner circle' would have won because most people who attended the AGM are connected people except for a few who had grievances.

    Just look at the pathetic number of people who attended. So it actually make no difference whether an election was held or not.

  23. Hi, we all have something in common i.e. the way the MC runs the affairs of AH. This stems from the fact that the members of the MC are all "selected" members of one person who wants to control the MC but refuses to the position of a President/Chairman. That's why I stated earlier that the members have been manipulated by that particular person. If the MC is just protem committee as there was no proper election as such, then all the more we must push for a proper election. I strongly believe that the iron lady must not be given any chance to come into the MC. I remember that in one election..could be 2008, she was not present in the AGM but was voted in by proxy. Well, I think this is not right because, if a candidate is really interested to serve in the MC, he/she must be physically present in the AGM to indicate in no uncertain terms that he/she is really interested to serve in the MC. Once, that person is not in the AGM, how can we vote him/her into the MC. The absence of a candidate during the AGM should automatically disqualifies that person from standing for election.

    Hi guys, lets support this movement to put right the wrong attitudes of the present MC. That kind of attitude is really stinking and puts all of us,the right-thinking mature persons, into shame because if we do not do anything to it, it will show that we are also party to it. So, folks lets rally together to explore ways and means to solve this issue. Please come and meet in my house, D-11-8 on 30 Nov, Tues @ 8.00 pm. Mr Liew and a few others have confirmed their attendance. Cheers.

  24. Hi guys,please liaise with Mr Liew, Dato' Han or call me @ 017-6393075 to find out the details of another important meeting. Let's practice our democratic rights and let no one threaten us or intimidate us.

  25. Hi,

    I must thank Prof Dr. Ho for coming forward to stand up against such authoritarian rule and to offer his abode for us to meet. We certainly need honorable people with high integrity like Prof Dr. Ho to oversee the council and not let them overstep their authority. Little knowledge is dangerous BUT little knowledge with a lot of power is catastrophic!

    I hope that we will be able to rid ourselves from these belligerent people from clinging on and abuse their power further!

  26. Hi Guys,
    The recent notices put up by the so-called MC are misleading re the court case and the signature campaign. They do not give the full picture but highly biased views which are selfish and meant for their survival as AHMC members. Please give some comments here and we shall follow up with some recent and true reports about the 3 court cases that are going on currently.