Sunday, November 28, 2010

Letter from the MC on my balcony

The issue on my balcony is a non-issue purposely created by the MC to tarnish my character, to show that I am not a law-abiding resident in Anjung Hijau. How pathetic, shallow and narrow minded they are? Pl see the attached letter that clearly says that notice is served on me to dismantle the enclosure by the 15 Dec 2010!

NO 8 JALAN 1/1558

Liew Yeon Keong
Anjung Hijau Apt
Bukit Jalil
57000 Kuala Lumpur

Dear Sir,
We refer to the above matter,
We wish to bring to your attention of the Anjung Hijau House Rules IX
RENOVATION ftem 1, which reads as follows:
Balcony and exterior facing windows shall not be enclosed, altered,
configured or covered by awning, shades ,canopy whatsoever unless
specifically approved by the Management.
Therefore the building of the external structures at your unit's balcony would
constitute altering and/or changing of the building facade. We are also
advising you that such structures may impose safety hazard( to the owners
of unit'B-07-10 in the event of fire or any other unfortunate incident. The
same may also hinder and obstruct safety measures to be undertaken by the
appropriate authorities like the 'Bomba' in the event of fire. In view of above
the Management hereby instruct that you demolish and remove the said

As of the date of this letter, the Management is hereby giving you notice to demolish and
remove all these structures and reinstate to its original condition
at your own costs on or before 15 December 2O1O.

We wish to inform that in the event that these structures are not demolish and/or
remove by 15 December 2OlO, the Management of Anjung Hljau would reserve every right to take necessary action against you in respect of the same. In the event you need any
clarification in respect of this matter kindly contact the Management Office.
Thank you.


Cc: En Rohaizan Bin Ahmad (Jabatan Reka Bentuk Bandar & Bangunan)
Cik Marini (COB-KL)

The due date is some 17 days away! Neither did I refuse to comply! This is the high handed manner in which your MC acts without due process of procedures and law. Do you want such incompetent and rash people like this to handle the affairs that affects your daily life? I certainly hope not!

It's your life man!


  1. Hi Liew, it was a surprise that they pointed out your apartment. Frankly, I don't care about your apartment. I don't care about your grills. I don't see any problem with your platform (Shadow MC). In fact, I'm glad that you're using the internet to communicate. I'm not sure of your agenda, so far it's ok and appears to be in EVERYONE's interest.

    I'd like to know about the development opposite the road - where they leveled the hill? MC doesn't say a thing about that and it's been going on for a week now... Can AH Residents claim for damage from the piling works? I think the MC will just shrug their shoulders and never review it.

    Good luck, Liew!

  2. Hi linkolw,

    Thanks for your comments. FYI, the development opposite the road is by Berjaya. I understand it is a condo development comprising 3 blocks of high rise (not exceeding 24 storey) and a block of low rise totaling over 500 units of condos.

    I don't know whether the MC is doing anything about it cos they may be too busy cooking up various ways to insult me. ha..ha..ha.

    Actually, a few of disgruntled residents are meeting up at Dr. Ho's apartment tomorrow night at 8 pm. If you'd like to join, pl let me know and I will provide you with the address.

    Stay tune for more juicy news..

  3. Oh I see, yes, Berjaya pretty much owns this area. It'll be a shame for there to be more congestion in the area... Oh well. The MC might be cooking more strange ways to insult you.. I do hope that they just let it rest and get on with managing the property, effectively.

    Would like to have joined the meeting. Sadly, I just only checked the blog. Well, I'm sure it went well. All the best, Liew!

  4. Hi linkolw,

    tks for your comments. perhaps you can send me your e mail address (to and I will keep you posted on future meets that we may have. We welcome your participation.