Monday, November 8, 2010

The recently concluded 3rd AGM of Perbadanan Pengurusan Anjung Hijau(PPAH)

As I approached the Community Hall of Block A at 3 pm on 9 Oct 2010, I noticed the heavy security presence. There were already about 20 other people in the hall whereas, I was immediately denied entry by the registration counter and reception stating that I have arrears in my accounts not paid. I immediately produced my cheque for payment of the outstanding service charges for Sept 2010 and was referred to the Management Office for payment. After making payment for my unit, I then proceeded to the Hall and was abruptly told by a fellow resident (a lady usherer) that I have to sit behind in the orange zone for non-voting owner!

While seated, I heard a commotion at the entrance. An old couple was seen arguing with the same registration gal who refused entry to the couple stating that there was an arrears of about RM60+ for water bills. The lady of the couple was agitated stating that their tenant will pay the water bill soon and there was no arrears in the service charges and they have traveled all the way from PJ to attend the meeting. Why are the council members denying a legitimate owner from attending the AGM solely because of a water bill? They are baffled as the lady subsequently told me that they have many properties in KL and have attended many AGMs of MCs and this is the first time the reception was so unwelcoming! Most MCs will welcome as many owners as possible as normally they find attendance of AGMs to be poor and would like as many owners to come BUT not our Anjung Hijau MC, it seems!

There was another commotion later where one owner came but was told that the title was not registered yet under the proprietor's name despite the owner producing a photocopy of the strata title showing the proprietor's name as the registered owner. The owner was subsequently asked to sit behind as observer with no voting rights.

All in all, I find that the 3rd AGM of Anjung Hijau MC was conducted in an unprofessional manner, with poor PR and management skills giving the impression that the present management council does not welcome other residents and owners to attend the AGM.


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  2. Looks like our MC is only run by one strong and dictatorial lady. She is definitely very high handed. She doesn't allow others to have any different opinion.

    She even cover up things by amending the minutes of AGM to her advantage. A lot
    of issues during the AGM are not written according to what actually have had happened.

    We should set up a forum for our AH residents to keep in contact with each others and abreast of the matters arising to safeguard our interest.

    Please voice your view.

    We need your support.

    Thank you.

  3. From the way they write the reply in the notice board, it also shows that the dictator is a really narrow-minded and revengeful person.

    Is it right to publish the name of Mr Liew and her daughters and paste it all over the condo just to humiliate them ? And call them cowards ? Just because they have different views ?

  4. Please do not remove any comment. We need everybody's view in a domocratic way.

    We don't behave like the present MC's iron lady. They are trying to cover up things.

    To command respect, we have to respect everybody's view. Transparency is virtue practiced by honest and faithful people.

    Thank you.

  5. Hi, I totally agree with what has been said about the MC. Where got meaning lah ... where in a democracy there is absolute control like worst than in a communist country. Surely, we do not want that. Hey, they are treating us like kids lah!...using threatening letters and photos to not only silence the "offenders" (in their eyes!)but also to warn us that they are like the nazis and communist leaders who will not hesitate to cut off and punish anyone who opposes them. Come on...many of us are professional people with high positions like General Managers,Managers, Lawyers, Architects, Accountants, Doctors, Professors, Lecturers Dato's, Directors, Managing Directors, Property Owners, Property Developers etc...surely we cannot be cowed by a weak and "selected", followers of a single power-welding iron lady in the so-called MC. It would therefore be prudent for all the other 6 members of this so-called MC to resign en bloc in order that they may not get the backlash from whatever stupid actions that the so-called MC has taken against some residents. If I were one of them I would certainly tender my resignation straightaway without a second thought.

  6. Hi, they are behaving like triads and I could see that too in 2 previous AGM's. Thank God that our guards did not act as bouncers then!