Monday, November 8, 2010

On season car park again!

It was noticed of late that there are many more cars scrambling to park at 'safe' areas outside the road sides of Anjung Hijau at night after being unsuccessful in the application of a season parking bay by the MC? Have you wondered how the selection of successful applicants were made? Despite the earlier condition that balloting would be done if the number of applicants exceeds the number of car park bays available. Hey! They changed the rules mid stream lah.

Miss Tee (everyone knows that this woman calls the shots at the council of MC of Anjung Hijau Apts) proposed in one of the 6 resolutions of the 3rd AGM to give priority for season parking to residents who pays service charges promptly, has not breached the House Rules. This resolution as well as 5 other resolutions deemed passed in the 3rd AGM are flawed because no proper notice was given to discuss the proposed resolutions whereby 14 days' notice specifying the resolutions to be discussed and voted on has to be given under the Strata Titles Act and this is being challenged at the COB's office.

Nevertheless, an official request was made to the MC to disclose the methodology of the selection but was not given a satisfactory reply. As far as we know, no balloting for conducted! Question, a owner who has stayed here for more than 10 years but was recently fined has his car park application rejected over a tenant who moved in a few months ago! Double Whammy! You get fined and you get to park outside! Is this fair process? Does tenant get greater priority than owners or should each have equal rights? Balloting is fair for all?

There are at least 2 cases of owners who have breached the House Rules recently but was granted rental of the season car park for reasons best known to the council. What do you call this? Biased prejudice; discrimination and victimization that only the narrow-minded and vindictive can implement to their heart's delight? 

If you are one of the victims of this prejudiced treatment, I'd like to hear from you.Your car may be stolen tonite for parking outside!


  1. I suggest you publish your email address so that people can contact you to voice out their grievances and to solve the problems.

  2. Talking about car park..look at the handicapped car parks which they rented out. They don't even open up the bidding/tender for the all the residents. I don't recall seeing any notice that they are opening out the handicap car park. How did they pick and who did they pick? Wonder why this resident is given special treatment? Why didn't they open out to all the residents to apply?

  3. Hi Bubar, I totally agree with you on this one. How can this MC, claiming to be so self righteous and almighty be so high handed in this matter.

    It certainly sounds fishy! Someone must get them to come clean on this.